Why thousands of people are choosing to save and borrow with us

Why choose your local credit union for your savings and loans? We’re local, we’re ethical – and we offer great loan deals. Here are a few myth-busting facts:
“National lenders offer better loan deals”

We challenge you to apply and see if this is the case – on a £2000 loan for example, you can expect to save between £100-£200 compared to a NatWest loan and a massive £500-£700 compared to Amigo loans*. Also, many credit unions have brilliant benefits such as FREE life insurance.

“Aren’t credit unions just for people in need?”

Credit Unions are for the people of Greater Manchester – and NOT for bankers in London. We offer competitive loans, and assess each application on a case by case basis. We partner with many employers across the region to offer an easy way for hard working people to save and borrow through their pay.

“A Credit Union is no good for me –  I need online services”

All credit unions across Greater Manchester offer online services – from balance statements to loan calculators and applications. We also offer services in branch, over the phone and via email – a combined offer that many faceless national lenders can’t compete with.

Convinced? Find your local credit union and join today. 

*Loan comparison: Greater Manchester credit unions v.s national lenders