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About SoundPound

SoundPound is a consortium of Greater Manchester Credit Unions. We stand together to take on national lenders, to show that there’s an ethical alternative saving people hundreds of pounds.






Are you on your way to your financial goals?






Over 50,000 people use Credit Unions in Greater Manchester






Our Credit Unions have issued 22,074 ethical loans in 2018






Saving Credit Union members £7.5 million in loan interest






Improve your finances with your local Credit Union

What’s a Credit Union

Credit Unions are co-operatives providing savings, loans, and a range of other services to our members. We have a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of our communities.

Credit Unions love to save

Credit Unions encourage all their members to save – even when they are paying back a loan. This gives members access to affordable credit and a safety net when finances are low.

Credit Unions are fair

Credit Unions are ethical and responsible financial institutions that exist to meet members’ needs rather than to generate high returns for distant shareholders. We ensure that our members can afford what they borrow and repay at a rate that suits them. Our members always come first at the Credit Union

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