About SoundPound

We are a network of Greater Manchester loans and savings providers called Credit Unions. We’re taking on national lenders to show you there is an ethical and local alternative that could save you HUNDRED’s of pounds.

Our goal is to combine our efforts to give Greater Manchester the affordable finance it deserves. We want to promote Credit Unions as well as the ethos behind it- people helping people. High street lenders will be a thing of the past when the credit union revolution takes over. Say goodbye to outrageous APR and hello to an ethical future.

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What’s a Credit Union

Credit unions are not- for- profit organisations. We provide competitive loans and a great way for people to save. The member’s own the organisations and have a say in how they’re run. Our members always come first – the way it should be. 

We priorities responsible lending instead of feeding the pockets of shareholders. With a credit union, shares are distributed amongst members fairly – if the credit union does well, you could receive a dividend based on your savings.

Credit unions have been a sleeping giant and now we have woken up and are growing rapidly. There are almost 2,000,000 credit union members in the UK alone and we are only seeing those numbers increasing.

Don’t wait around…